3 Most Popular Holiday Liveaboard Destinations

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Have you always been going on trips and spending your holidays in the same way ever since you can remember? Maybe it’s the best time for you to give yourself that treat that you deserve.

Liveaboards as a holiday spending option has won the love of many people worldwide. Living in a boat with a few days in the world’s most iconic ocean destinations is truly an experience that deserve. The best feature of it is the availability of diving. There are many destinations in the world that cater this facility.

Here are 3 most popular holiday liveaboard destinations that you should consider.

  • Komodo island

Being a UNESCO world heritage site, this island is a world renowned national park. The reason why it has got its name is due to the presence of the famed Komodo dragon. But the intersection points of liveaboards and this island is the extremely eye-catching deep waters where you can feed your diving cravings in the best way. Komodo island liveaboard diving sessions are one of the experiences that you need to attain at least once in your lifetime. Your eyes will be mesmerized by the world’s rarest and the most vibrant coral specifies that will remain your memories for a lifetime.

  • Socorro

Mexico might be famous for the spicy food and the pretty ladies, but the other factor that it is famous for is the Socorro diving belt. It is a part of the Mexican archipelago called The Revillagigedos and Socorro is one island amongst the 4 islands. You have a big chance of coming across nature’s wonders such as the pacific mantas, clarion angelfish, and even humpback whales at liveaboard diving socorro mexico if you’re lucky enough. The world underwater is one amazing place to wander; it’s the kind of visual medication that everyone needs for their holidays.

  • Indonesia

What’s so special about the Indonesian waters that keeps attracting people for diving? It’s the marine life that is enriched with the most beautiful creatures and the prismatic corals that anyone would love to swim past. This is exactly why you should have a well-planned liveaboard vacation at this amazing destination. We’re talking about great food, a smooth climate and the safest diving guidance that is available. In the end of the day, you and your family will be able to enjoy these exquisite waters in the ways they should be.

What does a holiday mean to you? Whatever it is, it also should be a time period where you can reconnect with your family and treat yourself in the best way that you possibly. Liveaboards and diving is indeed one amazing solution to get it done.