3 Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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Are you getting bored with how your room looks, or just tired of watching your bedroom turn into a cluttered mess that houses anything and everything that doesn’t belong to your living room or hall? Easily spruce up your space with these simple and affordable upgrades that will make your bedroom cozier and feel much different. From wall tapestries to floor carpets or simply adjusting the side in which your bed has always been. Give these easy tips a shot and notice how the little things make a big difference!

Carpeting and curtains
First things first, does your flooring look bare and boring? Clothing your floor is a great way to start sprucing up your room. Look online for inspiration and decide if you want a colorful and vibrant carpet or a cozy super shaggy carpet that will keep your toes warm while having a good read.

When choosing the right buy carpets in Singapore, consider the size and theme you’d like for your room as it will be a major part of your room and will set the theme. From plush to vibrant, or sleek and classy. It’s always better to consider this theme before diving into buying or making your own carpet, as your curtains and bedding linen will need to match the theme.

A hack that is easily overlooked is the height of your curtains. Lifting your curtains above the top edge of your windows makes them look much grander and much more spacious, than if places at the edges of the window frames.

Switching up your furniture
Switching up the location of your furniture in the room, from your bed to the study table and bed stools. This ideally should be done once every 3 months, and create a great sense of feel-good change. By changing the furniture around, you also manage to try out a new and different look-and-feel every 3 months, and won’t get bored with the layout.

Get Creative
When looking for paintings and tapestries on your room walls, consider going creative and paint your own. Grab some thick plain colored cloth and paint to your hearts content. If painting isn’t your best suit, try posting a collection of post cards or inspirational posts in a unique order to bring out some character on the bare walls. Hanging pots of Aloe Vera plants and cacti are a great addition as well, as they are low maintenance and bring in a fresh look in to your room.

With this simple guide on sprucing up your bedroom, you should be able to create a new look easily. When running on a tight budget, consider DIY-ing it all the way – get creative and own that space!