A Guide According To Age On What To Buy Your Niece

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Who is your niece to you? The baby that you didn’t give birth to? A lifelong student? Your biggest fan? Your best friend? The little bit of sunshine tucked safely and permanently in your heart?

Or simply a combination of all of these?

Regardless to who or what she may be to you, it’s obvious that she’s extra special. And since she’s extra special, when it comes to her gift, it has to be extra special as well. Here’s a simple gift guide on what you can gift your niece, according to her age.

Newborns, toddlers and up to 2-year-oldThis is that age group in which what you buy doesn’t really matter to her. She’s too young to know! Sure, cards and pictures will survive; so do take and write plenty. Instead of newborn baby clothes or toys, consider buying something like comfortable clothes that will make her mommy happy. Something that can make the experience of having her around less stressful. But if you insist on toys, then we suggest you get them something that can be easily clutched by her untrained hands. Something soft, weightless and without sharp corners or edges

2 to 10 years of ageThe age group in which you can have the most fun dressing up you little doll. When she won’t protest wearing those “world’s best aunt” clothes. If you plan on buying a baby girl dress in Singapore for your pretty one, then we suggest getting her clothes that are comfortable and give her the freedom to explore. Toys are a good choice for this age group as well. Intelligent toys that will help her perfect her speech, walking and even improving her talents make thoughtful gift options.

Preteens to 16 Ooh…the strange age when they’re part child and part adult. The age in which they face the most amount of drama; regardless to whether it’s about friends, love or family. The age in which they try to experience new things. Pay attention to what they talk for hints of their interests. If they sound interested in makeup (like most kids their age) then give them a taste of the “good stuff”. Quality makes a difference, especially in makeup. And knowing what’s good will help them avoid anything that could have a bad effect on her tender skin.

The young adultFor this age group, it’s important to give them the freedom of choice. And what better way to do so, than with gift cards? This allows them to choose their own gifts. Apart from gift cards, a special gift for any niece of this age group would be your time and attention. Take her out, spend the day together…build memories. Trust us when we say that to her, these memories will be more precious than any tangible gift that you could think of.