A Lone House Or An Apartment: Which Is Better?

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Deciding whether a lone house is better or an apartment is? Well, when it comes to such decisions, the bottom line is that it all depends on individuality! Your preference and ideas will be different to another’s!

However, to make things easier for you we have listed some of the supposed advantages and disadvantaged to deciding whether a lone house or an apartment is better!

With a lone house you have more privacy

When it comes to a house that is alone, you definitely have more privacy. Of course you cannot escape the prying eyes of your neighbours, but in most cases such houses are not as open to prying as an apartment would be. In most cases, in an apartment you will find that most often the people living on the same floor as you, will know what’s happening inside your house, sometimes even better than yourself! Because some neighbours make it their absolute business to find out about the others and when it is an apartment it only makes things easier!

With an apartment you have company

You will have the pleasure of not being alone, when it comes to an apartment! Especially if you are able to get an apartment at signature at Yishun EC then you will have no problem in landing good neighbours as well! Most often the people at such reputed apartments are good quality people, who you can call your friends. If you are someone who lives alone and urges for company, then apartments would be a much better option than a lone house. If you despise company, then the obvious choice would be a lone house!


When it comes to security, most of the reputed apartments have an excellent security system in place. For instance, the Signature at Yishun site plan shows that every turn and corner is secured with CCTV cameras and they also have security guards to ensure the safety of the residents. In most reputed apartments, they have the excellent security systems in place. Because, they need the place to be as secure as possible not only because it is a legal implication, but also because only then will people actually want to live in there. So, when it comes to security, no doubt an apartment outweighs a lone house where you need to make all the security decisions. And it might even be too expensive for you.


When it comes to facilities like the gym, swimming pool and other sports and recreational activities, almost all these are available at a reputed apartment. However, when it comes to a lone house you will not have all these facilities unless you build a million dollar house with all these facilities. And you will have to spend in maintaining it as well!