Keeping Kids Occupied During School Holidays

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Whether you are a stay at home parent or a busy working parent, it’s likely that school holidays get tough. When your kids don’t have school, it’s you who should keep them occupied all day long. When kids are at home all day they tend to get bored very fast. Boredom can often lead to whining and tantrums. Don’t stress yourself out thinking that you have to get them engaged in activities for over a month. Sit down and make a plan. I guarantee, you would have fun just as much as your kids.

Get together with your kids and have weekly craft sessions. You can get great craft ideas from books and social media sites online such as YouTube craft tutorials and Pinterest. Start collecting used house hold items such as toilet paper rolls, used wrapping paper, washed and dried egg shells, old plastic bags and old crayons. A trip to the local craft store and buy the stationary that you will need. Remember, this is not about you; it’s about your kids. So don’t boss them and make them do what you want to do. Let them use their imagination and get messy!

Organizing a field trip for children is a good way to give a new experience. You could take a field trip to the zoo, to the museum, to the aquarium or to a kid’s gym. It’s important that you give them exposure to experiences outside their everyday activities.

To make your kids more enthusiastic, you can get them to do a bit of research and find out information on the place where you are planning on taking them. A wonderful way to get them excited is by taking a trip to the beach and having a picnic. Have a sea bath, make sand castles, collect sea shells and watch the sunset with your kids. Let them run along the shore and go crazy, but make sure to keep an eye on them. You can take a walk with your kids to the local park most evenings. If you need a change the trampoline park in East Singapore may be.

Board games are a good way to get your kids in one place. It’s time to take all the board games you’ve stored in the cupboard and play together with them. Scrabble, chess and speller are great board games that would get those little brains working. Another way to get your kids engaged during holidays is by getting those help you in the kitchen and the garden. Search up for kids recipes online and let them make something little for you or even you can let them create their own one.