Organize That Flawless Weeding Reception

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There is a lot of planning that needs to go in to planning a wedding. No doubt it is a happy as well as a stressful time for the couple and the two families involved. Couples would give anything I am sure to have someone organize and plan things for them. But their involvement is crucial. No matter how much you plan, it is difficult to predict really how things will pan out and what can go wrong. So here are few pointers to make it less stressful.

Hire a professional: More and more planners and couples that have already gotten married often discuss the importance of having a great event host Singapore, or a DJ that can really keep the crowd engaged throughout the reception. Often called the master of ceremonies, this individual can sometimes be a close friend, your maid of honour or even a hired professional. Whoever it may be, make sure they have the skill and the knowledge to keep the guests engaged and enjoying themselves. They need to be properly informed of the time allocated for each session. For an example they need to know when to ask people to serve food, when to come to the dance floor and when to be silent for toasts and such. Therefore it is up to the couple to keep them well informed.

Food and drinks: often times a good reception can be spoiled by that overly eager family member or friend who may have a little more than he she can handle when it comes to cocktails and drinks. Therefore it is important that the hotel staff or whoever is in charge of the food starts sending them around as soon as possible. When this happens you can assure that guests will stay full and happy.

Music: this can make or break your wedding reception. Therefore simply picking a DJ that you know from the club will most likely not do the job. Since a reception will include grandparents, parents, young kids and a variety of individuals, the DJ you pick must be able to read the crowd and play music accordingly.  He / she also needs to be able to speak eloquently and host the party if he or she is the emcee at the wedding as well. 

Timing: when it comes to planning, you need to allocate time for each of the sessions to go smoothly. Some weddings have one time slot for all formalities to finish and then the food serving starts, while some have a more casual affaire where you will have a dance session, then some food, followed by the toasts and again serving of eatables. So whatever form you chose, make sure you are comfortable with it

Keep in mind the above pointers and you are sure to have that flawless and smooth wedding reception you always dreamed of.