Signs That Your Vehicle Needs A Service

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How well do you think you take care of your vehicle? No matter how new it could be, you’d eventually need to go to the garage and get it serviced. Of course there are some problems that you could ignore; however the following ones should be taken care of if you wish to be on the drive with no hassle.

1. Engine warning lightIf there is a yellow colour ‘check engine’ light on your dashboard, well then you should be checking your engine. This should be done as soon as possible since this light could appear due to various engine problems such as blockages, damages to valves etc. No matter if you own the vehicle or it was taken under a monthly car rental in Singapore, you need to look into it. Most of the cars also have a red service light which looks like a little spanner that would appear when the next service is due. You could ignore it for a while but not too long.

2. Strange noisesOf course you can’t ignore strange noises coming out of your vehicle for long. Different sounds could indicate different problems. For example, whining from under the bonnet could mean a loose belt, overheating or even battery problems. A metal on metal scraping sound could mean that some broken metal part is knocking on some other part which could be causing more damage. Even if you have taken the vehicle on short term car rental that provide professional service hotline, you need to check out these problems before handing it over back to the owner.

3. Smoke or steam from under the bonnetThis is usually caused by overheating problems in the radiator. If the smoke is white, you do not need to worry so much. Pull over, wait till your engine cools off and then take off again and make sure you immediately visit a garage. Make sure the needle of the metre to measure heat is right in the middle. If the smoke is blue it means that there is an oil leak or oil-burn. This could be a serious and costly problem and hence pull over immediately and get you vehicle to be towed to the nearest garage.

4. Vibrating or pulling under breakingThis could be because of worn out brake pads, suspension or steering issues. This of course you need to fix immediately since it is not safe to drive with you vehicle in such a state. It also could be due to tire wear and they too need to be checked thoroughly.