Tips On Organizing A Muslim Wedding

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Traditionally, an engagement party happens a few months after the proposal, and before the wedding. It’s also traditionally thrown by the bride’s parents; and usually only for their closest relatives and friends.
But that was what happened “traditionally”.
Now-a-days, things are, funnily, less and more complicated. The engaged couple is usually the host of the party; or their friends pool in to throw one (or a few) on behalf of them. And almost everyone is invited and told of the party. Here are our tips on how you can throw your Muslim friends an engagement/wedding party they’ll love.
The invitations to the partyUnless you are planning on giving them a surprise party, we suggest that you leave the invitation part to the happy couple. After all, since it’s their “happy news” people will be much more delighted to hear it from them. You can of course give them a hand at preparing the guest list and sending out the invitations. This will also give you the opportunity to decide how big or intimate a party you’re willing to throw for them.
Have all the information in handIf your friends are particularly strong in their beliefs, then it’s possible that they might have a few restrictions in regards to the party. To be on the safe, you might want to discuss this with your friends, and be clear about what’s allowed, and what’s not. If it’s a surprise for the couple, then your best bet would be to reach out to their families or get professional advise; like from Muslim party planners or halal food catering services in Singapore.

What you are to serveFood definitely needs to be given attention to, regardless to the kind of party you plan on hosting. And as Muslims have certain diet requirements due to ethnic reasons, special attention needs to paid. Like we mentioned above, you might want to get the advice of or even hire the professional service of your local professional halal food catering. Don’t forget to ask them for ideas and tips in regards to the drinks you plan on serving at the party as well…!
The seating and the entertainment There’s a possibility that you might have to arrange for separate seating areas for your guests; keeping their gender in mind. Be sure to ask your friends about this before you decide on your venue. This is because some venues are impossible to convert into segregated seating in the last moment. Likewise, it’s wise to ask about the entertainment (like music), before you make further arrangements regarding it.