Tips To Hire A Caterer For Malay Wedding

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Wedding means grand rituals, beautiful costume, dance and food – it is all a dreamy affair. There are many things which will make your wedding the perfect one from a good ceremony. Beautifully dressed bride and groom and well decorated alter are undoubtedly appreciated. Dance and music always add an entertainment vibe to the weddings. But at the end of the day the one thing that you need is food. This one thing can elevate or degrade the quality of the wedding. So, you must choose the caterer wisely for serving good food to your guests. Here we provide you with some tips to hire a proper caterer to make your wedding day even better.

Make a budget:

Every family have a budget decided beforehand for a wedding. This budget decides what you can do. First decide how much you are going to spend on food. The cost depends on the number of plates and dishes you arrange. So, it is necessary to have the guest list ready. Carefully organize all these factors to decide what you will spend on your big day dinner. Once the budget is ready, you can take the next step forward to search for the right malay wedding catering.

Select food items carefully:

Delicious food is a must for weddings. But you cannot bring all you want at the place. Too many dishes will be wastage of money as well as food. So carefully choose the food items. If you are going for non vegan food, keep in mind that there may be some people in your guest list who are vegan. Make sure that they will not be in problem because of complete non vegan food. Count the number of vegan guests as there should not be any shortage of food items. Consult the malay wedding catering service about the possibility of preparation of the special dish if you have any. Make sure to inform about any allergic element which you do not want to have in your food.

Consult the venue management:

Before hiring the caterer, decide the venue. There are some wedding venues which allow some selective caterers to work with them. In case you hire a caterer before booking the venue, you may face problems afterward. So before deciding the venue, ask about the conditions if they have any. This thing is also necessary because you need separate place for preparation of food and serving. Check if the venue has both buffet and sitting arrangements. Food and serving take lot of place at the venue. So, the venue must also have place for proper accommodation.

Prepare everything in writing:

You may forget to tell something when ordering. So, prepare everything in writing so that you may be able to mention everything you want.